Learn to create space for clear thinking, unshakeable inner-stability and the confidence to move in your life with ease.

Declutter Your Mind
Find Your Voice

Each of us has a unique blueprint that shapes our experience and preferences in life. This serves as the foundation for our individual expression. In other words, it’s our personal guide for creating lightness within ourselves and fulfilment in our outer world.

But many of us have lost connection to our blueprint. Our head-space has become so cluttered with concepts and limiting ideas that we’re stuck inside our own stories. We’ve become spectators within our own minds.

The key lies in decluttering our minds and re-establishing internal stability. From this stable foundation we can start to consciously step into deep connection, curious exploration and meaningful action.


This is the art of Inner Architecture.


Short stories to spark curiosity and inspire action.



Whether you’re an entrepreneur, leader, presenter or jobseeker, the ability to verbalise and share your personal stories is a vital skill for connecting and building trust. You have immense value to share and you can step up and speak with real confidence. Learn to shape your story, establish deep connection, engage your audience and inspire action with full authenticity.


  • Feel at ease to engage and interact with your audience.
  • Utilise personal stories to build trust and rapport.
  • Build authentic connection to make your next steps a reality.




Get un-stuck, build inner stability and learn to move with ease and joy in this life. Discover how to investigate your internal dialogue and reframe your stories with lightness, giving you fresh energy and new perspectives. This work is tailored to your specific goals to start consciously creating and shaping your life towards the mental freedom you desire.


  • Create a mindset for deep connection and meaningful action.
  • Learn to trust and follow your internal compass.
  • Build the trust to bring yourself honestly to the world.



Iris Smyth - Coaching Client Testimonial. EXPLORE-TRUTH


» Through Rebecca’s thought provoking questions I’ve gained new insights and identified action steps to align my business with who I am and for what I stand. She’s helped me to make my business more authentic, which in turn has made it so much easier for me to sell my services. Thank you! «

Iris Smyth, Founder ‘The Wellscene’ (UK)
basel happiness agora 2019


» It was a magical experience! I feel recharged and full of happiness from all of your beautiful energies! Thank you, and I’m looking forward to the next event! «

Event Participant
Nils Ugland - Coaching Client Testimonial. EXPLORE-TRUTH


» Rebecca has a fantastic way of asking questions, listening to my answers and following up with a deeper insight than I could have made myself. These insights open up tightly locked boxes within me and reveal things that I work on daily. She digs deep and that inclines me to want to be a better version of myself. «

Nils Ugland, Owner Rightside (NO)

quoteWhat an amazing ride! It shook me to the core. Learning from you has taught me so much – I realize what becomes possible when you ask the right questions.

~ Event Participant



Rebecca Roberts - Inner Architecture: Mindset PCC | Rebecca Roberts - Inner Architecture: Mindset PCC | Rebecca Roberts - Inner Architecture: Mindset PCC | Rebecca Roberts - Inner Architecture: Mindset PCC | Rebecca Roberts - Inner Architecture: Mindset PCC | Rebecca Roberts - Inner Architecture: Mindset PCC | Rebecca Roberts - Inner Architecture: Mindset PCC | Rebecca Roberts - Inner Architecture: Mindset PCC |

Hey!  I’m Rebecca.


I’m a mindset coach, storyshaper and spacemaker. I’ve got a deep curiosity for exploring the old beliefs and inner dialogues that shape our behaviour and experience of life. These are the thoughts that lead us towards either consistent frustration or deep fulfilment.

I know from my own life experience that sometimes only a single thought stands between heaviness and lightness of being. I felt chained down by the old stories I believed about myself…what I could and couldn’t do, how I should or shouldn’t be…why I was or wasn’t worthy of love and belonging.

I now know that the key to freedom lies within our own minds and our chosen stories. This work changed my life, and I have immense gratitude for the chance to accompany others in reigniting their natural spark and lightness in life.

This life is too serious to take ourselves too seriously.


Quickie Facts:

‣  Hometown: I’m a Louisiana gal who grew up in the dirt playing happily with turtles, snakes, salamanders and frogs. Just gimme’ some seafood, sweet tea and bluesy-jazz and I’m happy.

‣  Favorite Louisiana Seasoning: Slap Ya’ Mama

‣  Career Background: 10+ years as an Interior Architect + Workplace Culture Strategist. (Hence “Inner Architecture”…get it?)

‣  Xavi Lover: He’s our cheeky-happy-quirky doggo. Also known as X-man, Havecito or Nutter.

‣  Sandwich Architect: I (re)construct any sandwich to ensure each bite is equally tasty.

Rebecca Roberts - Inner Architecture: ICF Member | Rebecca Roberts - Inner Architecture: Mindset IPEC | Rebecca Roberts - Inner Architecture: Mindset NLP | Rebecca Roberts - Inner Architecture: Mindset ELI-MP |