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Building a Mindset for Meaningful Action

We are hardwired for connection and meaningful action. But what happens when we stop moving…when we feel stuck by a spinning mind and paralysed feet? We stop being fully engaged with life and take on the role of spectator instead of creator.

The key to re-engagement originates within ourselves. Intentionally constructing our inner architecture builds a foundation that replaces fear and overthinking with love and curiosity. Creating this space within our minds opens us up to a new way of moving. When we learn to master our mindset, we recognise that the freedom and ease we’ve been seeking is often just one step away.


Short stories to spark curiosity and inspire action.



Humans are hardwired for connection and meaningful action, but a faulty mindset can derail our capacity for movement and leave us as spectators in our own lives.

The key to releasing our potential lies in the realm of growth and expansion. It’s possible to intentionally construct our own inner architecture – building a foundation to replace fear and over-thinking with love and curiosity, and in doing so unleash our ability to move.

When we learn this, we recognise the freedom we’ve been seeking is just one step away.


Commonly Requested Speaking Topics:

Inner Architecture
Constructing space for meaningful action and deep connection

Mastering a Mindset for Creativity
Building a hardwired attitude for positive action

Creativity and Play in a Grown-Up World
Rediscovering wonder and awe-inspired living

The Art of Storytelling
Creating the canvas for true engagement and shared experience



quoteWhat an amazing ride! It shook me to the core. Learning from you has taught me so much – I realize what becomes possible when you ask the right questions.





This is the foundational work for getting unstuck and talking meaningful action right now in your life. Learn to investigate your thoughts with lightness and a sharp eye. Recalibrate your internal compass and get moving! The work is tailored to your specific goals and visions, because no one else is on the same journey as you.


  • Build a mindset of connection and meaningful action.
  • Learn to trust and follow your internal compass.
  • Show up and bring yourself boldly to the world.




Whether you’re an entrepreneur, speaker, presenter or jobseeker, the ability to verbalise and share your story is a vital skill for connecting and building trust with your audience. You have immense value to share and you’re ready to step up and stand in confidence. Engage your audience and inspire action with full authenticity.


  • Feel at ease and confident for meeting your audience.
  • Utilise personal stories to build trust and rapport.
  • Build authentic connection to make your next steps happen.



Hey!  I’m Rebecca.


I’m a coach, speaker and spacemaker. I approach my work (and life) with lighthearted-directness, intense curiosity, and a playful mind.

As an Interior Architect I worked with people and companies across the globe in various sectors – business, arts/design, education, technology and more – to facilitate and support transformation. My gift has always been finding a clear and common language to bring simplicity to complex situations.

I’m originally from Louisiana, the land of swamps, sweet tea and bluesy-jazz. I’ve lived and traveled around the world and experienced a great diversity of cultures and people. These experiences continue to spark my curiosity for understanding how we humans can create lighter and more fulfilling lives.

I’m grateful to focus my time and energy on sharing in this exploration of how we can shape mindsets for meaningful action, deep connection and engaged living.