Learn to create space for clear thinking, unshakeable inner-stability and the confidence to move in your life with ease.

Declutter Your Mind
Free Your Voice

Each of us has a unique blueprint that shapes our inner architecture. This serves as our foundation for individual expression. In other words, it’s our personal guide for creating lightness within ourselves and fulfilment in our outer world.

Many of us have lost connection to our blueprint. Our inner space has become so cluttered with concepts and limiting ideas that we are stuck inside our own stories. We have become spectators within our own minds.

The key lies in decluttering our minds and re-establishing inner-stability. From this strong foundation we can start to consciously step into deep connection, curious exploration and meaningful action.


This is the art of Inner Architecture.


Short stories to spark curiosity and inspire action.



Whether you’re an entrepreneur, speaker, presenter or jobseeker, the ability to identify, verbalise and share your personal stories is a vital skill for connecting and building trust. You have immense value to share and you’re ready to step up and stand in confidence. Learn to shape your story, establish deep trust, engage your audience and inspire action with full authenticity.


  • Feel at ease and confident to engage with your audience.
  • Utilise personal stories to build trust and rapport.
  • Build authentic connection to make your next steps a reality.




This is the foundational 1:1 work for getting unstuck, building inner stability and unleashing your voice. Learn to investigate and reframe your own stories with lightness and a sharp eye. Recalibrate to your internal blueprint and start consciously creating your life from 2D vision into 3D action. This work is tailored to your specific goals and visions, because no one else is on your journey.


  • Build a sturdy mindset for deep connection and meaningful action.
  • Learn to trust and follow your internal compass.
  • Show up with courage and bring your voice boldly to the world.




This 28-day online resilience and agility program is a playground for growth and deep learning. We all have times when we feel we’re not good enough or don’t have what it takes. These daily videos and exercises are designed to transform those thoughts and feelings to work for you. Boost inner stability, grow your confidence and learn to thrive in any circumstance.


  • “Un-stick” yourself and kick-start excitement and meaningful action.
  • Learn tangible, practical tools to move from stuck to stellar.
  • Build resilience and confidence in mind, body and actions.



Iris Smyth - Coaching Client Testimonial. EXPLORE-TRUTH


» Through Rebecca’s thought provoking questions I’ve gained new insights and identified action steps to align my business with who I am and for what I stand. She’s helped me to make my business more authentic, which in turn has made it so much easier for me to sell my services. Thank you! «

Iris Smyth, Founder ‘The Wellscene’ (UK)
basel happiness agora 2019


» It was a magical experience! I feel recharged and full of happiness from all of your beautiful energies! Thank you, and I’m looking forward to the next event! «

Event Participant
Nils Ugland - Coaching Client Testimonial. EXPLORE-TRUTH


» Rebecca has a fantastic way of asking questions, listening to my answers and following up with a deeper insight than I could have made myself. These insights open up tightly locked boxes within me and reveal things that I work on daily. She digs deep and that inclines me to want to be a better version of myself. «

Nils Ugland, Owner Rightside (NO)

quoteWhat an amazing ride! It shook me to the core. Learning from you has taught me so much – I realize what becomes possible when you ask the right questions.

~ Event Participant



Rebecca Roberts - Inner Architecture: Mindset PCC | Rebecca Roberts - Inner Architecture: Mindset PCC | Rebecca Roberts - Inner Architecture: Mindset PCC | Rebecca Roberts - Inner Architecture: Mindset PCC | Rebecca Roberts - Inner Architecture: Mindset PCC | Rebecca Roberts - Inner Architecture: Mindset PCC | Rebecca Roberts - Inner Architecture: Mindset PCC | Rebecca Roberts - Inner Architecture: Mindset PCC |

Hey there!  I’m Rebecca.


I’m a coach, speaker and spacemaker. I approach my work (and life) with lighthearted-directness, intense curiosity, and a playful mind.

As an Interior Architect I worked with people and companies across the globe in various sectors – business, art/design, education, technology and more – to facilitate and support transformation. My gift has always been finding a clear and common language to bring simplicity to complex situations.

I’m originally from Louisiana, the land of swamps, sweet tea and bluesy-jazz. I’ve lived and traveled around the world and experienced a great diversity of cultures and people. These experiences continue to spark my curiosity for understanding how we humans can create lighter and more fulfilling lives.

I’m grateful to now focus my time and energy on sharing in this exploration of how we can shape mindsets for meaningful action, deep connection and engaged living.

Rebecca Roberts - Inner Architecture: Mindset PCC | Rebecca Roberts - Inner Architecture: Mindset IPEC | Rebecca Roberts - Inner Architecture: Mindset NLP | Rebecca Roberts - Inner Architecture: Mindset ELI-MP |