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Light Living Masterclass: Course Introduction

Mind Basecamp Intro: The Science Behind Our Habits

Welcome to the Light Living Masterclass! I’m so excited to share this time and space together to experience deep transformation.

I designed this course because I see certain themes come up again and again in my practice. My clients have checked all the boxes on their ‘I’ll be happy when…’  list, and somehow there’s still something missing. On paper their lives look amazing, but they know in their hearts that there’s something more. And they are right! This ‘missing piece’ is my drive for making this course information accessible for anyone who feels the pull.

This course covers the most common pit falls and misconceptions as well as explores and challenges the old limiting beliefs that hold us back from amazing freedom and lightness. And yes, I do mean to say that, most often, we are only a thought away from what we truly want to experience.

Learn to step back from your minds and see the potential that exists within yourself.

To experience the transformation fully I ask you to come with:

An Open Mind and Heart: You were drawn to this course for a reason. Nothing will ever be forced onto you, and I trust you to choose what feels right. What I ask is that  you remain discerning but leave your scepticism at the door. Be open to trying new things and  seeing where the exploration takes you.

True Curiosity: If you truly desire to live a life of LIGHTNESS and to learn how to work with your fears and headspace, then things need to change. Remain curious to see if there is another way…perhaps something you’ve never considered before.

An Application Mindset: Learning without direct application simply goes in one ear and out the other. Every section in this masterclass is accompanied by Life Application Exercises that give the chance for real-life integration.