Personalized coaching and training to help you build a powerful mindset, unshakeable inner-stability and the confidence to speak with impact.

Find Your Story.

Free Your Voice.


‣  Unleash an unshakeable inner confidence and willingness to speak your truth in any setting or circumstance.
‣  Learn to clarify, formulate and structure your thoughts for emotional connection and engagement in both your personal and professional life.
‣  Build trust in your internal compass to fearlessly step into a space of bold and meaningful expression.
‣ Discover a safe space to process, declutter, explore and experiment.
‣ Overcome self-doubt and rekindle a deep curiosity and playfulness in your approach to communication.

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It’s Time to Debunk Some Myths Around Storytelling

Here’s what I hear so often when I first meet with new clients:

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I’m just not a natural storyteller.

Storytelling is not an inborn gift, but instead a skill that can be learned and expanded.

Every one of us is a storyteller, some of us just don’t know it yet. This program is designed to flex those storytelling muscles and build the skills you’ll need to be a stellar communicator.

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Storytelling doesn’t apply to my work.

Anywhere that the transfer and retention of information is important, storytelling applies.

From interviews, pitches and presentations to deciding on the next holiday with family…all of these areas benefit from your ability convincingly convey information.

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I don’t have any good stories to tell.

You just haven’t learned to see like a storyteller yet. Luckily, this is a skill that’s easy to hone.

Through this coaching and training you’ll learn exactly how to develop your “story eyes,” and you’ll be amazed at the tales that start to take shape around you.

Iris Smyth - Coaching Client Testimonial. EXPLORE-TRUTH


» Through Rebecca’s thought provoking questions I’ve gained new insights and identified action steps to align my business with who I am and for what I stand. She’s helped me to make my business more authentic, which in turn has made it so much easier for me to sell my services. Thank you! «

Iris Smyth, Founder ‘The Wellscene’ (UK)
Nils Ugland - Coaching Client Testimonial. EXPLORE-TRUTH


» Rebecca has a fantastic way of asking questions, listening to my answers and following up with a deeper insight than I could have made myself. These insights open up tightly locked boxes within me and reveal things that I work on daily. She digs deep and that inclines me to want to be a better version of myself. «

Nils Ugland, Owner Rightside (NO)


» I was going through a very tough time and I needed to believe in myself. It wasn’t the typical chat between a therapist and patient where I felt sick. Rebecca met me as a human being – I immediately felt accepted as I am. She gave me the tools and showed me how to use them in real life. «

Carla, Teacher (CH)


quoteThis training content goes well beyond storytelling! This is about fundamental human interaction…. 10 out of 10!         

~ Storytelling Training Client


Kick Start Package

Dive into a specific challenge or work towards a focused communication or speaking goal. 2 month commitment.

  • 5x 90 minute sessions
  • Customised Program
  • WhatsApp Support Between Sessions

1’500 CHF

Power Storyteller

Deep dive into your own storyteller mindset and build the skills to become a masterful communicator.

  • 10x 90 minute sessions
  • Review Handouts from Sessions
  • Customised Program
  • WhatsApp Support Between Sessions

3’000 CHF

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