Who am I? Explorer on a rock above the ocean. Blog article by RebeccaRoberts.com

Who am I?

What internal fire spurs me to action?

What lights up my eyes?

Fully complete in this moment –

Yet fully in flux.

Never completed but completely whole.

Peeling back the layers.

Each fresh skin more vulnerable and beautiful than the last.

Bruising is an illusion.

How to remain open but strong?



Filled with lightness.

Why do I not take action?

Where has my creative passion retreated?

Naïve and jaded.

Longing for confirmation.

But I know, the origin is not outside myself.

Beautifully centered … letting go.


For a little interesting lagniappe, here is some science behind change and who we perceive ourselves to be.


Rebecca Roberts - Professional Confidence Coach at EXPLORE-TRUTH       


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